Tips To Be Safe While You Are With An Escort

After the big cities like Pune, Delhi and Bangalore, Chandigarh – The city beautiful is also turning to be a major tourist spot and people visit here to enjoy the environment. Once a small and neglected city, Chandigarh is now a perfect destination for party people and for those who want to enjoy the night life. The enjoyment sometimes may lead to disaster as sex with call girls, without condom, can be harmful.

It’s sometime impossible to control while you are in a private place with a beautiful female partner with rosy cheeks, cosy lips, repining breasts and divine swoon. Call girl services in Chandigarh are easily available these days to fulfill your sexual or psychological desires whenever you are in a need of someone special.

While hiring an escort is always a good choice as these females are highly professional and make sure that there are no chances of getting infected with sexually transmitted disease, but it is always better to stay secure with little efforts at your part.

Here are some tricks to have the real pleasure without being infected:

The Blowjob

Sometimes it’s actually hard to resist when you in bed with a hot chick, but what if you forgot to get protection? Don’t worry, there’s always a solution. Ask her for blowjob. It’s the best way to satisfy your sexual desire without being infected as it’s almost impossible to get infected while she gives you the blowjob.

Dry Humping

Nothing gives you the pleasure like rubbing the naked bodies with each other. It is really arousing and fun and it’s must to try, if you are looking for real pleasure. It’s also good way to fulfill your sexual desire without the intercourse. Make sure you don’t slip in without a condom, as it happens sometimes. So be sure.

Fingers Everywhere

Touching and stimulating each other with fingers is sexy and hot. The call girls services in Chandigarh make sure their escorts are well-maintained and their fingers are freshly manicured. However, some extra care is always better. Ask the call girl to wash her hands before you start anything.

The Ultimate Pleasure

Well, it’s really hard to resist when you are with a young, appealing and attractive girl in a room. The conditions would often provoke for both of you to get into the final part – The sexual intercourse. While this is the most important part of the entire session, it is must to have, but make sure that you ensure to use a protection before you slip into her. Don’t rush for getting into the intercourse, as a single mistake can be deadly for both of you. So, be sure to carry a pack of condom while you’re planning for a date with call girls in Chandigarh.

Simple yet helpful, these tips can help you stay safe while you are in a room with your partner or an escort. Always remember that protection is better than cure, so be aware and carry your pack with you.


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